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"Before there was the outer music, there was the inner music. Hearing that music and writing it down is my way of opening myself to Spirit. Facing a problem or some pain, I reach into my heart and something comes forth beyond anything I alone could have imagined. That’s the special gift I receive from writing.

I’m a storyteller and a story-listener by nature, and stories are what you’ll find in my songs. They’re the stories of the journey, from my own life and the lives of those who have touched me."

-Excerpted from an interview/article with Becky Williams by Richard Ridington


Becky Williams is a Boston area singer/songwriter with a wide range of performing experience.  She has been a featured or opening performer at many of the region’s finest folk clubs, including Boston’s premier folk venue, Club Passim, the South Shore Folk Music Club, the Colonial Inn Coffeehouse, and the Acoustic Cafe, along with many others. Becky’s performances have brought her to convention center stages in Anaheim, Washington DC, Chicago, Paris, Brisbane, Den Hague as well as others. 

Raised in Ohio, Becky eventually settled in the Boston area to pursue her love of writing and to perform her original music.  Her inspiring lyrics and melodies carry a message that soothes the heart and uplifts the spirit.  Letter after letter from listeners across the country attest to the healing and joyous effect of Becky’s music and how she has touched their lives and their hearts with her music. 

Becky is now performing her “Song-telling” program entitled,“The Hero’s Journey”,  at Yoga centers, churches and New Age Venues across the country.  In this moving program, she weaves her short stories and songs together to explore our shared human experiences. Her songs, and the accompanying stories she shares, speak of the trials and joys of living an ordinary life filled with extraordinary wonder and meaning. Her engaging performances weave a continuous story, bringing the audience along on a wondrous journey home to the heart. Becky is often accompanied by the beautiful sounds of acoustic lead guitarist, Mark Francis.

Becky released her first CD, Dancing in the Mystery, in late 1996, with 10 original songs featuring such local talent as the late Johnny Cunningham on fiddle and a guest appearance by Grammy-Award winner Fred Lipsius on saxophone.  Her latest release, The Hero’s Journey, was co-produced and arranged by renowned singer/songwriter Ferron.  Recorded at one of the premier Boston area studios, it also features an A-list of talented musicians, including Jamie Sieber on cello, Mike Levesque on drums, and Seth Connelly, Mark Francis, and Shelley Jennings on guitar leads.


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