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Dancing In The Mystery
Song titles

Love Comes To Love
Forever Is Just Long Enough
More Than Meets The Eye
Dancing In The Mystery Listen
Still Of The Moment
Windsong Lullaby Listen
Borrowed Time
Eye Of The Storm
What Is A Dream?
Child In The Wilderness Listen
Dancing In The Mystery


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"It's been a long time dream of many musicians to marry spiritual principles to accessible music in order to reach the ears of the uninitiated public. Precious few songwriters or songs have succeeded in reaching this rarefied point of balance between heaven and earth... With her debut CD, singer/songwriter Becky Williams musically touches the dream, cradles it in her arms, & lovingly brings it back for the rest of us to marvel at. Becky spins story-songs that gently touch the heart & spark the imagination. Backed by a fine New England rhythm section, Dancing in the Mystery is a ground breaking album of wonder & mystic delight."

- D. Alexander, THE EDGE

With rhythm and harmonies reminiscent of early Joni Mitchell, and lilting lyrics and vocals that will soothe the savage beast in the worst of us, this bright young face on the folk scene shows much promise in this debut album. Listen and 'surrender your weariness'".

- Richard Orshoff
Producer of Jackson Browne's Saturate Before Using; Poco's Legend

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